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Your Local Propane Supplier

All Service Propane is locally owned and operated. We live in the communities we serve. As your neighbors, we have a vested interest in our customers and our communities. This matters when it gets cold outside and you need good service. The events of last winter demonstrate the difference. When transportation issues caused propane supply to tighten and prices to soar, some propane providers (with out-of-state corporate offices) raised their prices or simply refused to deliver gas for weeks. We honored our commitments.

Get Experience

Our people are our strength. We have over 100 years of experience in the propane industry. That experience helps us provide you with excellent service and innovative solutions. Based on that strength, we provide the best value for your money.

Go Green

Did you know that propane is designated as a clean fuel? Propane has a high octane rating and burns clean. Using propane substantially lowers greenhouse emissions when compared to traditional fuels. And propane does not present an environmental threat to soil and groundwater. Propane's high octane rating and clean burn also save on maintenance costs by putting less stress on engines, particularly smaller engines.

Choose Wisely

Providing safe, dependable, and affordable propane service is our mission. As your neighbor, we have a vested interest in our communities and your safety. Because we're not feeding the tills of some big energy conglomerate, we can keep our propane prices lower than the national average.
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